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Filterfit supply the following air filtration products & services:
Technical data

Filterfit provides a wide array of air filters and associated services. Our experience in this field ensures we can supply and fit the most suitable system for your particular application.

Depending on the required air cleanliness, air filters can be delivered in various efficiencies: Pre and fine dust filters for separation of hard or liquid contaminants contained in outside air. For general application in air handling and conditioning as well as in the process engineering fields.

Particulate air filters (HEPA and ULPA filters) as high-efficiency air filters for separation of aerosoles, toxic dusts, germs etc. for application in areas with the highest demands for air cleanliness i.e. in clean room technology. Depending on requirements and structural conditions filter units for installation in ducts, walls or ceilings can be supplied in various configurations.

Bulk media & auto rolls
Evaporative Cooler Pads
Bulk rolls
Cut pads
Panel filters
Aluminium-framed 9 mm lint screens
G4 & F5 disposable cardboard framed panel filters
Honeycomb aluminium grease filter
Hydropleat panel filters
Metal and plastic framed flat panel
Filterfit Mist eliminator
Plastic-frame washable panel filters
Aero polypleat disposable panel
HDRM – heavy duty removable media panel
Aero Polypleat metal washable
Plastic-framed disposable panel filters
Holding frames
Bag filters
FT2 semi-supported deep bed air filter
FTV semi-supported deep bed air filter
FT3 fully-supported deep bed air filter
FDV semi-supported deep bed air filter
F4P fully-supported 350mm deep bed air filter
Generic filter bags identification guides
High efficiency bag/deep bed filters
Aero Pac multi-pocket high-efficiency bag filters
Aero Cell C - Minipleat Synthetic Panel Filters
Aero Flow Extended surface rigid air filter with synthetic media
Aero Cell SV and SVGT - Mini Pleat Synthetic Compact Pocket Filter
HEPA/ULPA filters
Aero Bio HEPA

Aero HEPA LFA - Mini Pleated HEPA Filters
Terminal & fan filter modules
Terminal HEPA modules
Terminal HEPA modules
Medi-VentTM™ clean air unit
Odour removal
Mini Pleat Compact Carbon Filters
FFAC rechargeable granular activated carbon filter
Activated Carbon Pleated Filters
FFVAC disposable granular activated carbon filters
Differential pressure gauges & manometers