The Filterfit Medi-Vent™ clean air unit is designed to provide negative air pressure to critical areas where airborne contaminants and noise emission are a problem.

Areas such as the hospital environment where patient welfare is paramount make Medi-Vent™ the ideal choice for the following:

The Medi-Vent™ is fully designed and manufactured in Australia.

Its primary function is to provide a negative air pressure to a room or area where possible dust and airborne micro-organisms such as aspergillus may be present.

With operating noise levels under 55 D.B.A. it draws contaminated air through a three-stage filtration system ensuring clean air is delivered into adjacent work zones.

Units are fitted with an audible alarm to indicate when filters require replacement.

End panels are interchangeable giving greater flexibility when required.

The Medi-Vent™ can be used as either a ducted or recirculatory unit.