About us

Filterfit is a 100% Australian-owned company specialising in the manufacture and supply of:

  • Air filtration products
  • Industrial filtration products
  • Liquid filtration products
  • Specialty micron-rated meshes

Established in 1997, Filterfit has built an enviable reputation as one of Australia's premium filtration and specialty mesh suppliers. Through our business units, our commitment is to deliver superior services and products with the highest level of satisfaction to the most important person, you, our customer.


In partnership with our global supply partners, we carry out research and development with fully-trained engineering teams to develop solutions to meet your filtration requirements, for not only today, but also the future

Using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technology achieved through our global partners' test facilities, it is our goal to achieve the highest quality and to provide practical solutions to meet your requirements.

Our people

In choosing Filterfit, you will leverage-off years of training and best work-place practice.

Our sales team and service technicians bring our committed approach in selecting the right solutions for you.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

We are located in Braeside Victoria, as well as Hemmant Queensland and are members of:

  • Institute of Hospital Engineers
  • Australian Technical Millers Association

Air filters & services

› Deep Bed Filters
› Cartridge Filters
› Mist Eliminators
› HEPA Filters
› ULPA Filters
› Medi-Vent
› HEPA Modules
› Electrostatic Filters
› HEPA Certification
› Cleanroom Validation
› Duct & Coil Cleaning
› Kitchen Canopy Cleaning
› Installation
› Industrial Cleaning
› Bulk Media & Cut Pads
› Roll Filters
› Panels & Frames
› Carbon Filters

Industrial filtration

› Cartridges
› Dust bags
› Flexible transitions
› Milling, meshes & accessories
› Filtration hardware
› Laboratory analysis
› Preventative maintenance
› Pleated paper & non-wovens to suit all types of dust collectors for all dry powder applications
› Sifting and sieving applications
› Cages, clamps, venturis, gauges
› Media testing
› Dust collector inspections & reports
› Pressure vessel bag and cartridge housings
› Liquid filter bags & cartridges
› Micron-rated monofilament & needlefelt clothes
› Filter press clothes